Brief Update

A brief update:

1. I spent last Saturday paging through the 1910 volume of the Gospel Advocate, following, among other things,  J. W. Shepherd’s updates (in his “Miscellany” column) on the extended and rather serious illness from which John T. Lewis was suffering in the spring of that year. Otherwise, my attention has been further afield. I just worked my way through Michael Legaspi’s The Death of Scripture and the Rise of Biblical Studies. I’m about to start Jonathan Sheehan’s The Enlightenment Bible. Odd choices for someone who’s writing on John T. Lewis, no? Here’s my thinking. The debate between Lewis and C. R. Nichol over 1 Cor 11 centers on Nichol’s use of a particular hermeneutical strategy — the so called “cultural argument” — to argue against the wearing of the covering. I want to try to get at the origins of that “cultural argument”: Who came up with it and when? When does it first appear in Church of Christ circles? Doubtless Legaspi and Sheehan will take me in other directions … we’ll see.

2. Don’t ask me why, but I’ve started a Tumblr. Somehow it seems like a blog like this should be for actual compositions, not just for quotes I’ve culled from stuff I’m reading. The Tumblr format seemed better for that, so that’s what you’ll find there, along with the occasional reblog from the half-dozen or so other Tumblrs I’m following.

That’s all for now.


4 responses to “Brief Update

  1. In your research on views of I Corinthians 11, you might be interested in the writings of Roy Deaver. See, for example, his chapter on “Women and Veils” in “Difficult Texts of the NT Explained,” Fort Worth Lectures (1981). I enjoyed your comments about John T. Lewis. I saw Mark Castleberry last Sunday (son of Lewis’ biographer).

  2. Thanks for the tip, Alan. I’ll check it out.

  3. I recently am convinced of the covering and not the culture excuse.. C.R. Nichol was a man like everyone else. Paul was an Apostle. I am amazed at the slackness gospel preachers set forth in their handling of 1st Corinthians 11:2-16. Our culture has infected both men and women in the church. do what it says. don’t waste your time replying to convince me to follow liberal writers and preachers . I studied on my own honestly and see inconsistency in reasoning like that of the famed C.R. Nichol. It is popular to be against the covering today so folks pile on the cart. Hiram Hutton has the best article I’ve read by men on the matter.

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