a short history of america

For today:

Jim Kunstler links to R. Crumb’s “A Short History of America.” Here’s more on Crumb, including a few hypothetical additional panels to bring the story down to 2009.

The Wall Street Journal on Roman ruins in Lebanon.

A friend of mine blogging on the problem of authority in Stone-Campbell/Restorationist thought.  The comment thread is huge.

Hope everyone is well.  I’m beginning a study of Daniel soon in preparation for a Sunday morning class on the same.  You’ll hear more about it soon.


2 responses to “a short history of america

  1. Left a comment on your friend’s blog though I imagine it will be dismissed by many as being overly simplistic. It’s sad that the idea of simply being a Christian has almost disappeared as an attainable goal by so many good people. Thanks for the always interesting links!

  2. No problem. Glad to see that you made your way over there to weigh in! These kinds of discussions are not fun, but I do think they are necessary from time to time. I’m most relieved, though, that everybody has comported themselves well and that no tempers have flared. That’s rare on a comment thread that long.

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