just one

My wife and girls are gone to see my in-laws this week.  I’m staying busy with work and reading.

Links for today:

Chris Hedges on the funeral of Michael Jackson and celebrity culture.  This is all I’m going to say about this.

Bill Kauffman on “Charlotte USA.” I love Bill Kauffman.

Lastly, Glenn Greenwald puts the pieces together regarding Goldman Sachs’ record profits.

And that’s enough MSM/celebrity/politics blogging for several weeks.  See you later.


3 responses to “just one

  1. Charlotte’s not really a Southern city. Lots of imported Yankees. You have to move out here to find us rednecks (albeit not native ones).

  2. Great articles, all three.

    The media circus is spinning out beyond recognition, and the Michael Jackson funeral may well be the Event that later historians point back to, in an attempt to identify when it all fell apart. Even NPR is getting hard to listen to, these days.

    It’s a bit of a paradox that the more the Union dominates, the less the word has any meaning. Then again, there might be a new civil war in the South about which state gets “Jackson, USA”.

    I think several of the Psalms were written about guys like the current financial elites in Washington who supposedly no longer work for Goldman Sachs. If it weren’t for my own sins, I would cheer when they get what’s coming to them.

    But, you know, “whatever.”

  3. I found the Psalm I was looking for: 37.

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