miscellaneous linkage for monday morning

I’m out sick today with a pretty bad sinus headache.  The girls are sick too.

Nevertheless, I thought I would send you over to a few items of interest from the past few days.

Slate.com has a discussion about lard.  I always suspected that natural fat was better for you than artificial fat.  It seems as though others are coming to this conclusion.

A couple of excerpts:

Lard has clearly won the health debate. Shortening, the synthetic substitute foisted on this country over the last century, has proven to be a much bigger health hazard because it contains trans fats, the bugaboo du jour…

What matters more, though, is that lard has become the right ingredient at the right time. It fits perfectly into the Michael Pollan crusade to promote foods that have been processed as minimally as possible: Your great-grandmother surely cooked with it, so you should, too.

A piece on the “hook-up” from NPR this morning.   For those of you who teach teenagers, college students and 20 somethings, this is probably worth your time.  Also included is a chart that points out that the marrying age in this country is on the rise.  I would be interested to know how this compares to marrying age among Christians.  Should we be advocating a delay in marrying age in the current sexual climate?

Finally, “Spengler” (First Things associate editor Daniel Goldman) on Dan Brown’s ecclesiastical pornography.  And, no, I haven’t seen Angels and Demons and, frankly, have no intention of doing so.

My class on 1 Timothy 2.8-15 is coming up on Wednesday night.  Remember me in your prayers.


5 responses to “miscellaneous linkage for monday morning

  1. Yay, lard! I sliced a few chunks of pig fat into a vat of turnip greens today. Yum!

    The hookup piece was scary, all the more so for the marriage graph. Seriously? 27.1 years? Economics plays a big role in that, I think, but there is also the fact that we’re raising our children to grow up and become bigger children. Even as a married man myself, I have to put serious effort into not wasting my time on video games. 😦

    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Oh, and I hope you feel better soon. Good luck with the 1 Tim class as well.

  3. The hookup piece was interesting (not really surprising or *scary*).

    I think the problem with sex in the Christian community is that we’ve lost all concept of what community is. Until we know what community (and therefore, sex) is, we probably don’t stand a chance of showing our youth any sort of alternate way of understanding sex and its value.

    I think Hauerwas goes down a helpful path, saying that sex is a “political act” that, when performed in the context of the alternative Christian community, shows people how to both live with intimacy between partners and live faithfully within the community at large. Though many might think Hauerwas a prude in some respects…I think he’s right.

    [See “Sex in Public: How Adventurous Christians are Doing It.” In _The Hauerwas Reader_. Ed by Berkman and Cartwright. Durham: Duke, 2005. PP. 481-504.]

  4. Also hope you’re better and wish you the best on 1 Tim. 2:8-15. It’s amazing to see the hermeneutical contortions that some go through when analyzing that text.

  5. Sorry to hear you’ve been ill. I trust your recovery will be quick in coming.

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