in which I hold forth on many different subjects

The well of inspiration hasn’t exactly run dry, but I feel as though I’ve been thinking alot over the past few days about the same set of topics.  Rather than bore you with numerous posts on the same thing, I’ve been holding off.


I plan on starting that series I mentioned earlier in the next few days.


Elsewhere online, I’ve been following the discussion of place going back and forth at Front Porch Republic, Eunomia and a few other blogs.  Rod Dreher has a very nice summary.  Go read it now (and the original pieces it links to) and consider why where you live might be more important than you think.  Note also, unrelatedly, Katherine Dalton’s excellent piece, “The Immoral Life of Children.” I have two one-year-old daughters and I’m already giving alot of thought to exactly what she describes.


Apropos of our discussion about baptism and Ephesians 2, here’s a quote from Martin Luther, by way of Karl Barth’s commentary on Romans:

Your baptism is nothing less than grace clutching you by the throat: a grace-full throttling, by which your sin is submerged in order that ye may remain under grace.  Come thus to thy baptism.  Give thyself up to be drowned in baptism and killed by the mercy of thy dear God, saying: ‘Drown me and throttle me, dear Lord, for henceforth I will gladly die to sin with thy Son.”

So, baptism is grace.  What do you think?


We’re beginning a study of 1 Timothy at church on Wednesday nights.  I’ve been assigned to teach 2.8-15.  Pray for me.


4 responses to “in which I hold forth on many different subjects

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  2. Baptism is absolutely a part of God’s grace!

  3. Somebody quoted that text in a book they wrote on baptism not too long ago. 🙂

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