on debaptism

Yes, you read that right: debaptism not rebaptism.  In the spirit of those now famous worldwide bus posters in the UK, the National Secular Society is now selling “certificates of de-baptism,” to those who want to definitively renounce their initiation into the Church of England.  One interviewee compared infant baptism to child abuse.  While I have some doctrinal problems with infant baptism, I wouldn’t go that far.

One thought does occur to me, though.  If you, a secularist, really thought that your baptism was  an antiquated and worthless ritual, why would you even need to go through the process of formally renouncing it?


2 responses to “on debaptism

  1. Well, obviously, I (as a reformed, Calvinist, Presbyterian Christian) have issues with likening infant baptism to “child abuse.” But you do raise a good point, why go through the process of renouncing your baptism if it didn’t mean anything to you to begin with? Arguably, it did mean something to the secularist; now, for some current, neo-anti-religious reason, said secularist has joined the popular trend of renouncing it.

  2. I don’t know. Maybe there is a ‘spiritual’ component to the New Atheism. The need to actively renounce baptism suggests that what we actually have here are two rival belief systems in competition (despite the fact, of course, that one side claims not to believe in anything at all).

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