a couple of interesting links

First, a link to GraceConversation.com, a website that bills itself as “a conversation regarding the disagreements that separate the conservative and progressive branches of the churches of Christ.”  It should be noted that the terms “conservative” and “progressive” refer to ongoing disputes in mainline Churches of Christ.  To oversimplify a bit, these terms as used in this context seem to be roughly equivalent to “Gospel Advocate” vs. “New Wineskins;” none of these men are affiliated with non-institutional churches (or any other of the smaller “wings” of Churches of Christ).

(HT: Bobby Valentine)

Secondly, a link to the National Geographic’s very nice piece, by Serge Schmemann (son of Protopresbyter Alexander Schmemann, former dean of St Vladimir’s Seminary in NY), on the current state of the Russian Orthodox Church.  NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday, normally not too friendly toward unironic forms of Christian belief, interviewed Serge about this piece and about his father.

(HT: Ochlophobist, who, despite his antipathy toward my native city, remains one of my favorite bloggers)


One response to “a couple of interesting links

  1. I’ve been following the GraceConversation blog with some interest. It would seem to me that following what I of course would believe is the scriptural understanding of individual vs collective action would solve many of these issues. As long as the church’s collective actions do not violate my conscience then it isn’t a life or death matter if someone believes something different than I do about any number of hot button issues–including their beliefs concerning those very same collective actions.

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