I am emerging briefly from hiatus to clean out some of the cobwebs on this page.

*I’ve updated (and intend to keep updated) the “What I’m Reading” page.

*I’ve done some cleaning up of the blogroll, as well. Gone are dead links, as well as links to blogs that I just don’t read anymore. Others are updated to reflect changed addresses. Finally, I’ve added some blogs that I have begun to read regularly. Enjoy!

* In coming days, I hope to do some work on the “Resources” page, to make it more functional.

Hopefully, for those of you who visit this page — or who are kind enough to link to it — this will help maintain its usefulness until I begin posting again.

I hope all of you are well,


4 responses to “housekeeping

  1. Thanks for including me on your list of blog links.

  2. By the way, if you are in the Middle Tennessee area, I would love to invite you to our special series at the Franklin Church of Christ on being Zealous for Good Deeds. It is September 28-October 1 and then we are focusing all of October to a practical focus on good deeds.

    I hope we get to meet soon.

  3. Thanks for stopping by.

    I’m currently on a blogging break so I won’t really be posting here for a few months yet. Anyway, thanks for what you’re doing with your blog(s).

  4. With regards to amateur astronomy on your “About Me” page, I thought you might find this program interesting:

    It’s a realistic night sky simulator.

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