another weekend…

…with the girls. The in-laws are here and we’re headed to Centennial Park later today for the Nashville Earth Day Festival. This is our second outing with the sweet new jogging stroller and it’s a beautiful day, so far.

I’m still reading Wilken’s The Spirit of Early Christian Thought. I said it earlier, but it’s a really beautiful book. Wilken captures a lot of the subtleties underneath the imposing edifice of patristic thought. Now, I’m aware that most of my CofC readers won’t see the point in reading such a book. But we owe so much to our spiritual ancestors — our vocabulary, our patterns of thought — most of the time completely unacknowledged.

More later on the reasonableness of faith via St. Augustine.


3 responses to “another weekend…

  1. Very cool. Our Sunday school class (at a CoC, no less!) is using this book for our current study. Very interesting, especially as folks who have have zero exposure to the early church, see where we’ve come from.

  2. You might as well have read “The (False) Spirit of Early Apostate Thought” given the great apostasy.

  3. Good point, Ken. That hypothetical title would probably do me just as much good!

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