an update

Greetings from Middle Tennessee!

Well, I suppose there’s lots to report.  Time for blogging has been virtually non-existent.

H. and I are busy preparing the house for the arrival of the twins, which will arrive, probably, in about a month and a half. We just finished a round of birthing classes this past Monday, so I have some of my weeknights back — briefly.

Work occupies my days; I’m mostly enjoying it.

Reading, mostly, occupies the evenings.  Right now, it’s James O’Connor’s The Hidden Manna, which deals with the history of Eucharistic theology — I just finished his section on the Reformation.  I really didn’t realize the full extent of Ulrich Zwingli’s, well, Gnosticism.

I just finished James Kunstler’s The Geography of Nowhere, a cogent explanation of the origins of the American nightmare of endless suburbs, mini-malls and the car “monoculture,” as he calls it.  It can be really depressing at times, but it really help me put my finger on a lot of things that I only vaguely knew were wrong with all of this.  If you like Wendell Berry and the Vanderbilt Agrarians, read Kunstler!

I’ve got an essay in the oven on the topic of “eating in the meetinghouse” (to borrow the title of a Eugene Britnell tract) and a couple of others on Christmas (I know…) and the Lord’s Supper.

See you soon.


3 responses to “an update

  1. Glad to have an update from you. Wish I could say the same for myself.

    The birthing classes are actually worthwhile, but with twins you’ll have enough on the job training. As for your nights spent reading…welll, that will soon come to an end, to be replaced with parenthood…not a bad trade at all! I suspect you will find creative ways to read.

    I’m interested in more about the suburbs. Look for a short reflection on that theme in a(hopefully) forthcoming post about Washington.

  2. The Hidden Manna sounds interesting. What are the implications for Churches of Christ?

  3. Oh yeah, The Geography of Nowhere sound good too. I well remember reading “I’ll Take My Stand” and think it should be required reading for every person with The South in their blood.

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