benazir bhutto — in memoriam

The assassination of Benazir Bhutto, I confess, caught me off guard. I found myself deeply disturbed.

Undoubtedly, Benazir had her flaws — her own time as prime minister was marked by corruption and by the mysterious death of one of her own brothers. Yet, she had emerged, since her return to Pakistan in the fall, as a leading voice of freedom over against the repressive, US-sponsored dictatorship of Pervez Musharraf.*

And now she is dead. Her return to Pakistan was, granted, engineered with the backing of the Bush administration, in keeping with the rhetoric of “freedom and democracy” that all too easily falls from the lips of the President.  In truth, however, Benazir was never more than a pawn in America’s foreign policy games. Through a thousand sins of omission, through a Pakistani policy that has made no effort to make contacts beyond Gen. Musharraf or the late Ms. Bhutto, some of the blame for her death must lie at the feet of the United States.

*In keeping with the alliance that we maintain with Uzbek dictator Islam Karimov, our willingness to look the other way regarding Russian suppression of Chechen independence and our less-than-vigorous denunciation of the regime of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe.


3 responses to “benazir bhutto — in memoriam

  1. Yep, I totally agree. There have been no accidents committed by the Bush Regime over the years. Everything they do is intentional, so luring Bhutto to Pakistan under the false hopes that she’ll be the beacon of light makes sense to me. It was their way of showing the world what happens when you rise up against fascism.

    What if the election in Pakistan doesn’t happen now? Well, this will be good news for the Bush Regime! They too would like to stay in power next year, correct? Yes, and I’m sure they won’t mind shedding someone else’s blood to keep it either.

  2. Chris,
    Great post brother.
    You make me think about what is going on.
    I appreciate it.
    I believe it is important to inform other Christians to what is going on.
    I believe we need to vote the way God would want us to vote and make a change in the country.
    Morality is being thrown out the window.
    Religious freedoms that we enjoy are being taken away slowly by a small minority.
    I believe it is time for us as Christians to take a stand for what is holy and right.
    Think about our children when we cast the vote.
    Our grandchildren way in the future.
    Their children.
    What is the world and America going to come to?

    Chris I have added your blog to my favoirtes.
    I plan on reading it regularly.
    God bless you brother.
    Keep on, keeping on.
    Know that God has not given you a Spirit of timidity but of POWER!

  3. Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully I’ll be posting regularly enough to justify the attention!


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