senator craig, etc.

I’ve been following — and when I say following, I mean hearing snippets of NPR coverage and reading a couple of online newspaper articles — the Sen. Larry Craig affair.  I awoke this morning to hear that his resignation from his U.S. Senate seat is imminent.  While the distance between the man’s personal life and his public policy pronouncements is no doubt very great, I am still sad to see the news media — I could probably add Miss Teen South Carolina to the mix here — chew up and spit out another human being.   What’s more, there is the alacrity with which the members of his own political party abandoned him, more concerned about whatever meager shreds of reputation they might have left than about the life of a human being falling apart before their eyes.  What a shame, all around.


I mentioned earlier that Hannah and I are looking for houses.  Well, we’re focusing in particular on East Nashville.  If we end up there, it will essentially be a homecoming for me, as I grew up at various points along the Gallatin Pike corridor from East Nashville all the way up to Gallatin itself.  Being back in town has renewed my dormant interest in the city’s history and in its future.  I must say that good things are happening here: there has been, it appears, a revival of identity connected with Nashville’s long-standing neighborhoods and there are some truly great ideas regarding long-term planning and development for the city, provided the leadership is in place to carry those plans out. 

Here’s one: the proposed riverfront redevelopment plan, which will bring changes to both the west and east banks of the Cumberland, reclaiming (esp. on the east side) the banks of the river from industrial waste and creating parks and greenways for public use. 

More on this in days to come. 


2 responses to “senator craig, etc.

  1. You’re right, the Craig affair is downright awful.

    Things sound good! Keep me posted on the house hunt.


  2. Miss Teen South Carolina answered that question badly, but she’s still got her looks to fall back on…

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