it’s going to happen!

This summer is turning out to be just as busy as the regular academic year, but that’s a good thing. 

I just returned from Athens this past weekend, where I wrapped up a few loose ends regarding my MA thesis, which I will defend on 6 July, barring any insane technical glitches.

The Corinthians class is going well, thusfar.  I’m looking forward to writing the paper.  Hopefully, the next few weeks on the blog will see a few theological reflections based upon the text that we have covered thusfar.



4 responses to “it’s going to happen!

  1. Chris,
    Lots of adventures for the summer. With the paper, if you haven’t already finished, be sure to check out the article by Oster, “When Men Wore Veils to Worship,” in NTS (1988), and Cynthia Thompson, “Hairstyles, Headcoverings and St. Paul,” in Biblical Archaeologist (1988). Both are good articles. But I’m sure you’ve already run across these!

  2. Yep, got the Oster and Thompson articles.

    Thanks for the tip, though. I’m assuming you’ve had classes with Oster at Harding Grad. How do you like his commentary on 1 Corinthians (which I’ve not been able to get my hands on, by the way)?

  3. Yeah, I had several classes with Oster. His commentary is good, but not as detailed as his articles, of course. At 11:4 he footnotes his NTS article and gives a summary of the Roman toga as a covering.

  4. Chris,

    Sorry I didn’t call while you were in C-town. I’ve been extraordinarily preoccupied by trying to get a job (you understand!). Once this settles out, I will call you.

    Take care,

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