stuff about things

The semester is over.  Classes are done.

Maybe I’ll have something useful to say or to share on here again.

With the advent of summer, I’m turning to the search for a full-time job, a summer course beginning in June (Corinthians), and a few reading projects:

1) I’m reading through the Pentateuch in May with a friend.

2) I’m going to be starting Diogenes Allen’s Philosophy for Understanding Theology in a couple of weeks.

3) I’ve just begun Philip Rousseau’s Ascetics, Authority and the Church in the Age of Jerome and Cassian (more monastic stuff to follow up on my readings course at Vanderbilt this past semester).

4) And, Alexander Campbell’s The Christian System.  (I’m teaching through this in a Sunday School class, which I expect to wrap up at the end of this month.)


One response to “stuff about things

  1. Oh, and you’re not reading Allen’s book with a friend eh?
    i see how it is.

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