H. and I spent the weekend in Alabama with some of the in-laws.  I sat around on Saturday morning watching CNN, whose news coverage — no joke — switched back and forth all morning between the Anna Nicole Smith case and the news that Britney Spears had shaved her head.  People are dying in Iraq, you know…

Well, we’re back.  We’ve been discussing Lent and have decided to again observe it.  I’m participating by giving up on my caramel latte addiction (no trips to Portland Brew for me!).  So, it’s our second year of observing Lent, but this will be my first time at an Ash Wednesday service.  I’ll be attending at St Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church this Wednesday evening.  Expect a full report afterward.

In other news, I finished D.H. William’s Retrieving the Tradition.  There are so many snippets that I could pull from this book to quote here.  Here’s one, Williams quoting Philip Schaff:

The most dangerous foe with which we are called to contend, is again not the church of Rome but the sect-plague in our own midst; not the single pope of the city of the seven hills, but the numberless popes, German, English, and American, who would fain enslave Protestants once more to human authority, not as embodied in the Church indeed, but as holding in the form of mere private judgement and private will.  What we need to oppose these, is not our formal principle [Schaff is referring to sola scriptura here]; for they all appeal themselves to the Bible, though without right; but the power of history, and the idea of the church, as the pillar and ground of the truth, the mother of all believers, with due subordination always to the written word.

                                                                                    — Philip Schaff (1845)

ONE MORE THING: On the subject of Lent, go read this.  What an indictment of Reformed tradition churches (including CofCs)!


5 responses to “Lent

  1. I’ve been doing the Lent thing for a few years now. As have several others at Acklen. It is a great experience for the Christian in my experience.

    I’ve got some friends at Christ Church Episcopal downtown. We’ve been to a couple of Ash Wednesdays there and were really glad for the experience.

  2. How’s Dodd’s book treating you? I really appreciate his “Parables of the Kingdom.”

    Peace to you during the holy Lenten season…

  3. Hi Matthew,

    I like what I’ve read so far. (I had to put it down this week — too much other work.) The idea that what the apostles were preaching was consistent from the beginning helps me better understand the logic behind Catholic and Orthodox teaching about the place of Tradition.

    In my own theological tradition, Dodd’s distinction between kerygma and didache has been used for polemical purposes. I’ve heard that Dodd has been criticized for that conclusion. Thoughts?

    Also, have you read Dodd’s commentary on John? If so, what do you think about it?


  4. was feeling a little ill today, so i spent the day home. missing out of Ash Wednesday. that stinks, it is one of my favorite services of the year. not sure why.. maybe because it signifies the beginning of a pilgrimage. i hope the service at st. b’s was inspiring. i like that church.

  5. Hey CRC. Glad to see you’re observing Lent again this year. Wish I had made it to the Ash Wednesday service at my church; however, with packing and what not, I simply could not afford the time. We need to catch up.

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