a few random thoughts to get going again

So, I’m back.  Last week was spent in an excellent Genesis short course taught by Dr. Jason Bembry from ESR.  It was a really incredible week.  I hadn’t, before this course, read Genesis in quite a while.  There were so many things that I encountered that I just didn’t remember from previous readings.


I’m enrolled as a “special student” @ Vanderbilt Divinity School this semester, taking a course on Alexandrian Christianity.  We began last week with a selection of readings from Philo, a Jewish philosopher from Alexandria who was a contemporary of Jesus and Paul.  Anyway, we read On Creation, On the Decalogue, and Every Good Man is Free.  Philo is something of a blip on the screen of Alexandrian Judaism.  We have some idea of who he was reading, but no sense of who was reading him in his own day.  About a century after his death (ca. AD 60), his ideas about the Logos (cf. John 1.1) get picked up by Clement of Alexandria and Origen, but he seems to have been dropped by his fellow Jews, even though much of his work constitutes an apologetic for Judaism put in the context of Middle Platonic philosophy. 

This week we begin our time with Clement of Alexandria, reading his Exhortation to the Greeks, The Tutor, and The Miscellanies, books 3 and 7. 

Back in a few.


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