what’s going on…

I’m headed into exams next week and my days are pretty stuffed at the moment. Anyway…

Here’s a pretty good article on why we need to put Satan back into Christmas.


Controversy was ignited on campus this week when the local newspaper sent a reporter to a conference on religious conflict that was held here on Monday. Here’s what the newspaper published (front page) the following morning. This understandably raised some hackles here in Nashville, the fundagelical Mecca. Lipscomb responded with this press release. And, finally, here is the Tennessean’s non-retraction/non-apology. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Here’s a link to a piece done by one of the local television news shows and a level-headed reaction piece from a local blogger.


2 responses to “what’s going on…

  1. Thanks for the links on Camp’s baptism by fire. I really have a low view of the professionalism of most reporters these days.

    Bobby Valentine

  2. Thanks Chris for getting all of this out. I heard about the forum and without knowing who was “disturbing the peace” I assumed Lee was somewhere in the middle. I’m glad that he is at Lipscomb and I’m not surprised by this.

    I’m just glad that this discussion has started and that Dr. Camp is a part of it.


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