I returned late last night from the annual meeting of the AAR/SBL in DC. What a time! I drove up with Dan Greeson and others on Friday (~11 hours). Five of us in the Camry, but it was a good time. I think we talked for the entire ride up about theology, politics, etc.

I went to several sessions:

Saturday: the Restoration Theological Research Forum (where I heard Jeff Childers talk about Syriac Christianity and D. Newell Williams, president of Brite Divinity School, talk about Barton Stone) and, in the afternoon, a session on the recent spate of Augustine biographies, which included a couple of papers on Augustine’s pneumatology.

On Sunday evening, I went to a panel discussion with N.T. Wright, Lauren Winner, and John Stackhouse talking about C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity.

On Monday morning, I went to a Late Antiquity session (“The Religious Marketplace of the Fourth Century”) and heard talks on Eusebius of Nicomedia and the spread of Arianism, religious pluralism in two Upper Egypt towns, and John Chrysostom’s Homilia Adversus Iudaeos (Homilies against the Jews). On Monday afternoon, it was another session on Augustine — this time the reception of Augustine in the East, among the Orthodox churches. It was quite interesting, even if I wasn’t totally familiar with all of the names that were dropped. Apparently, I need to read Georges Florovsky.

And I spent the intervening time at the book displays beefing up my patristics collection (expect a complete listing soon).

On Sunday morning, it was off to St Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral (located off of Embassy Row with Daniel and Alan Smith, another new acquaintance. We attended the 2 hour Divine Liturgy (standing!) and met some other conference attendees at the coffee hour that followed, including Matthew Francis, a Canadian NT scholar focusing on the Book of Revelation.


Tomorrow H. and I are off to Hendersonville for Thanksgiving festivities and friends from Atlanta will be up over the weekend.

I expect to be able to resume my series on church history in a couple of weeks.

Happy Thanksgiving!


3 responses to “aar/sbl

  1. Hi there Chris,

    It was very good to to meet you at the conference. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

    Grace & Peace,


  2. Hi Matthew,

    We enjoyed our Thanksgiving meal. I look forward to it all year!

    I have a cousin who is currently wandering around New Zealand. Her parents (my aunt and uncle) were at my grandparents for Thanksgiving yesterday and we ended up having a pretty hilarious discussion (courtesy of my grandmother) about how, since no one else celebrates Thanksgiving Day on the 4th Thursday of November, no one else is thankful for what they have other than the USA (!).


  3. I got to hear Wright up here in Milwaukee earlier this summer … it was great. I would love to have heard his take on Lewis. Give us a summary.

    Bobby Valentine

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