I’m getting a lot more traffic here over the past few days.  Maybe that’s just because I’ve actually started posting.  I tend to be a somewhat inconsistent blogger.

Anyway, if you’re new here, welcome.

What I write here expresses no one’s interests or opinions except my own.  You may find those thoughts and opinions interesting, infuriating, or boring.  Whatever you think, do feel free to comment on anything you read.  I’d love to discuss it with you.




One response to “welcome

  1. Chris,

    I’d be interested to hear your views of the development of theology and ecclesiology over the first few centuries. Do you see this period of early theology as significant only as historical curiosity? As helpful information? As possessing any degree of normativeness for future generations of the Church?

    I know you take a keen interest in the early years of our heritage’s movement (as do I, though not as much as I once did). I think you would agree with me that the early years of the Restoration Movement possess great significance and could serve as a needed corrective for some of its later peculiarities and aberrations. Do you think the Ante-Nicene period should serve this role for all Christians today?

    I’ve not heard you say much about the early Church, though I imagine you’ve studied it extensively. Care to entertain (in the true sense of the word) us here with an insightful blog on the subject? 🙂

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