dies natalis

It’s been an exciting week.

Classes are going well. I’m especially enjoying my NT class and OT World. Hebrew is proceeding nicely — I just can’t stand the text that we are studying from.

I mosied (moseyed; sp?) over to the music department at Lipscomb on Wednesday to discuss courses in voice, piano and the history of church music. I met one faculty member (it’s an awfully small department, but they do seem to be doing their best with what they’ve been given) and had a delightful conversation about the state of church music in Churches of Christ. Lipscomb has recently started offering an interdisciplinary worship ministry degree (between the Bible and music departments). It is being aimed specifically, though, at the urban, contemporary market. Little attention seems to be going in any other direction.

Lunch at the Alektor Cafe on Tuesday introduced me to a divinity school student at Vanderbilt — former CofC, now Episcopalian. We talked about congos in town and about what she calls “Anglican Churches of Christ.” H. and I visited one on Wednesday night. Fascinating. The minister has been preaching from the lectionary for about 15 years now.

I’ve finally found (although it may be temporary) a part-time job. I’m doing clerical-type work in the Institute for Conflict Management at Lipscomb. As best I can tell, this is new at Lipscomb and appears to have been imported from Pepperdine by the new president. This is another one of those moments where I’ve stopped to observe that this really isn’t my grandparent’s Church of Christ.

Well, that’s all for now. How is everyone out there?


9 responses to “dies natalis

  1. oh the Alektor! i work there every saturday, (except this upcoming one).
    That is sad to hear about the movement of church music in Coc’s

  2. Sounds like school is going nicely. I am delighted.

    Bobby Valentine

  3. Daniel,

    I may be joining you there if the ICM thing doesn’t work out. I talked to Father Parthenios today about the possibility of doing weekday lunches.


  4. if you do so chris, you will be working with two other friends of mine…ha

  5. Let’s hear more about the Anglican Church of Christ. How “high church” are they? On a related note, I’ve been looking for ways to introduce the use of a lectionary to my own local church. Any thoughts?

  6. Oh, Chris,

    Just give in and become Orthodox. You know you want to. It’s the only way, man. I’m coming to see it myself…



  7. What a hectic week!

    Anyway, Matthew, I’ll post soon on Anglican Churches of Christ and some tips for introducing the lectionary.



  8. Hey friend,
    Shoot me an email about OT World.

  9. Mac,

    Glad to… but I can’t seem to find your e-mail address. Is it linked on your blog?

    Anyway, we covered Mesopotamia (a lot of information and a lot to keep track of). I’ve got notes that you’re welcome to copy.


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