For entertainment and enlightenment, check out Mary Beard’s thoughts on “I, Claudius,” the best television miniseries ever done. Also, there’s the new blog of Iranian President Ahmadinejad — fascinating reading once you get past the slightly broken English translation (ATTENTION DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY: I am not a “terr-ist.” This link came courtesy of BBC News.).


Paid my fees and bought books at Lipscomb today. Buying books at the beginning of a semester is always such a satisfying experience. Classes start Monday.

Went to church last night. Expect a full report on this week’s crop of congos soon.



3 responses to “varia

  1. Sounds good. Give me a call soon–fairly busy weekend and am going to Florida! at the end of next week.

    Three cheers,

  2. Wow. That blog IS fascinating. I felt all “terr-ist” and stuff just looking at it! đŸ˜‰

  3. If you think those books are hard to read just wait until you’re studying for the exam and try to read your lecture notes.

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