nashville, day 5

The duplex is really starting to shape up today.  Almost all of my books are out on shelves now, which is nice.  There’s a certain joy that accompanies the unpacking of books; you are always reminded of books that you really enjoyed but haven’t thought about in a while and books that you anticipate reading soon.

I’m trying a new coffeeshop today and liking it much better so far.  The first place struck me as way too pretentious.  I may not be able to recapture the Gallery Row magic (for a while) but this place comes a lot closer than the first one.

The Nashville Islamic Center, which just happens to be down the street from us, is holding an open house tomorrow.  I expect to go and introduce myself in preparation to attend “worship services” (for lack of a better term…) for a few months in the spring.


We visited our first congo on Wednesday night.  This church, which I’ll call “Church A,” was small and geographically isolated on a cul-de-sac well off of the nearest major road.  We chose to visit because it’s located near Hannah’s school and we saw that ubiquitous “Church of Christ” directional sign as we were driving the other day.  There were about 20 people there for a song service.  The singing was rough.  This was partly due to a complete lack of songleading ability among the men of the congo (who would do things like insert excessively lengthy pauses between the stanzas of a song).  In fairness, however, a large part of the problem was that the acoustics in the building were horrible, resulting in every song draaaaaaging.  Conversation afterward was fairly generic.  I talked to a couple of 20-something members afterward.  My overall impression was that the church was pretty inward-looking and essentially run by a couple of families

Politically speaking, I think this place was a fairly conservative mainline cofC, judging by the literature table in the foyer, but not obviously affiliated with any particular journal or school.  They didn’t seem too upset when I mentioned the L-word.  One neat thing: as we left the auditorium we noticed a small wooden box mounted on the wall with a placard over it that read: “Lay by in store.”  Apparently, this group does not do a formal collection during Lord’s Day worship, but leaves it to the congregants to give at any point during the week.

Well, that’s all for now.


One response to “nashville, day 5

  1. Chris,

    Glad you guys are settling in okay. Now that you’re closer, we’ll have to get together more often. Greeson and I will plan a trip down there sometime in the next couple of months to hang out at our favorite haunt. My brother and a few other guys can meet up; we’re sure to have some good theological banter over our favorite refreshments.


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