where’s dick?

One of the top Google search terms for this blog over the past few weeks is “Dick Blackford.”  I’m confounded.  Why so many people looking for him?  The man needs a webpage of his own.  For those of you coming here to find information about Mr. Blackford, I wrote a review of his recent book on the Lord’s Supper.  Check my archives for October and November of last year and you should find the relevant posts.

Thanks for stopping by.


3 responses to “where’s dick?

  1. Perhaps they are looking for his study on the Lord’s supper? Dunno myself. 😉

  2. Hello there. Interesting that’s happening. I actually googled it and your blog was the second hit. Anyway, I haven’t read thoroughly thru each post of your review, but I’m curious if you had a chance to read John Mark Hicks’Come to the Table.

    If you get a chance take a couple of his classes at Lipscomb. Great professor. I had one of his courses at Harding in Memphis. Good luck with the M.Div. — I just finished and survived! You can do it!

  3. I did read it about three years ago when it first came out. Great book and will probably get a second reading while I’m at Lipscomb, I bet. Anyway, bro. Blackford attacks Hicks, Steve Sandifer and LaGard Smith re: their views of the LS, all without apparently having read and thought about their material. Which is frustrating.

    Thanks for stopping by the blog. You have a pretty interesting site yourself.


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