the end of a grand experiment

Today was our last Sunday at South Newnan. We’ve spent the afternoon painting and generally cleaning out the last bits of stuff in the apartment. After taking care of a few errands tomorrow morning, we will be off to Nashville for good.

Today’s texts were Ps. 114, 2 Kings 2.1-15, Eph. 4.1-7, 11-16 and Mark 6.45-52. My sermon was focused upon Jesus’ statement to his disciples, “Take heart, it is I; do not be afraid.” Sometimes the lectionary amazes me. The gospel account of Jesus walking on the water was paired with one of Paul’s most powerful meditations on unity, found at the beginning of Eph. 4. I spoke on fear and especially on how fearful we can be to accept Jesus’ words about certain topics, namely unity. Unity can be like that ghost that Jesus’s disciples thought they saw — Jesus was standing right in front of them and they didn’t recognize him.

At any rate, my own part in South Newnan’s worship experiment is over. I’ve handed over some resources to one of my chief accomplices. I expect it to continue at least for the near future, largely due (somewhat to my surprise) to congregational pressure.

Now begins the task of finding a congo in Nashville. I’m a bit daunted by the prospect of a search. Suggestions, anyone?

Well, more on that as it happens.

See you in Nashville!


One response to “the end of a grand experiment

  1. Again, on behalf of the mayor and city council of Nashville/ Davidson County, TN, welcome to our fair city.


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