We're on vacation this week. Maybe I'll get to blog some from Ocracoke, if there's wireless. See you soon.


2 responses to “gone

  1. I just discovered your blog. I do not know exactly who you are but I was surprised to see a link to my blog on yours!

    I am delighted to see you have been doing some good reading (Politics of Jesus, Prophetic Imagination) . . . that is subversive reading. I would like to suggest another book you might like (if you liked those two). John Mark Hicks and I recently published a book called “Kingdom Come” that may be up your alley. It can be ordered from Leafwood or Amazon. Leafwood’s website is http://www.leafwoodpublishers.com simply click on “Kingdom Come.”

    I will be coming back because you blog looks interesting.

    Bobby Valentine
    Stoned-Campbell Disciple

  2. Hi Bobby,

    Thanks for stopping by. I was delighted, some months ago, to see that you had started blogging. I am familiar with you from your postings at the Grace-Centered Magazine message board (my screen name is “kappa,” although I’m not over there very much anymore) and from your brief, but glorious :), presence some years ago on the LURList listserv, where, as I recall, you valiantly debated textual criticism with the less-than-receptive members of that list.

    Anyway, I have always been impressed by the level of scholarship that you bring to your postings and am, therefore, very much anticipating the chance to read Kingdom Come. I’ve long admired David Lipscomb (my grandparents owned a copy of Civil Government, which I read as a teenager; it has haunted me ever since) and I look forward to what must be the first serious work published on Lipscomb in many decades.



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