hymnal rant

Back to planning worship this week. The BCP Lectionary readings for Easter 3, Year B are Micah 4.1-5, Psalm 98.1-5, Acts 4.5-12 and Luke 24.36b-48.

The lectionary readings bring out themes of light/darkness, sight/blindness and the (esp. the Gospel reading) inbreaking of the kingdom of God around very human things such as the body and eating. Go here for a really good discussion. 

Songs of the Church gives next to no help with any of this!!!

I guess it has really hit me how Gnosticizing this hymnal really is — an excessively individualistic with lots of songs about "just me and Jesus" and little reference to the community of faith; lots of songs about escaping this world and making it to heaven with almost no emphasis put upon the kingdom of God inbreaking into this world; lots of effort to keep "Jesus in my heart" but little talk of concrete action, of radical discipleship.

Does anyone have hymnal recommendations that address these problems?


6 responses to “hymnal rant

  1. Perhaps an episcopalian hymnal or some Anglo-Catholic one?

  2. Maybe the 1982 Episcopal hymnal? Hmmm… I wonder how that would go over.

    Actually, on a related note, here’s a story for you: someone dropped by our building with a box of “Seasonal Missalettes” today, wanting to know if we could use them. We took them and are holding on to them while we figure out exactly how to use them. We’ll probably, at least, plunder them for new hymns. There’s also a Spanish section in the back…

  3. The Catholic Missal?
    Try this for good stuff:

    Yeah, I would recommend the 1982 hymnal. It has a large section of “service music,” you know, the te deums, etc., plus a lot of good older hymns, even pre-medieval.

    You might also look at the English Hymnal 1933 from Oxford….not sure about it but heard good things.

  4. Chris,

    There is a traditional Anglican parish in West Point, Georgia: http://hometown.aol.com/fatherrmfh/myhomepage/faith.html

    You might want to check them out. The APCK is seperated from the Episcopal Church, I think they use the 1928 Prayer Book. They may have their own hymnals.

    Why on earth someone drop off a bunch of missalettes to a coC? Funny stuff there.

    Kevin may be more informed than me, but I’ve been worshipping at a Catholic parish for 6 months now so I could be of a little help. If you have the Oregon Press missalette it’s pretty easy to follow. I think they make three one for Advent to Easter, one for Easter season, and one for Ordinary Time.


  5. The missal is titled "Seasonal Missalette: Worship Resource" and is published by World Library Publications. Its sell-by date is April 22, but I suspect that there are plenty of worthwhile communion hymns to be had, at the very least.


    Thanks for the hymnal suggestions, and especially the link. Anyway, I'm trying to figure out how to pitch a new hymnal to the congo. I'm not sure about the 1982 hymnal…

    Maybe Songs of Faith and Praise??

  6. Chris,

    I was wondering how the union thing was going with the other coCs in town? I believe you mentioned that some of the smaller groups want to unite. How does doing the Lectionary stuff play in that?

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