this week (part 2)

So, here’s the order of worship from this past Sunday (using the readings from the BCP, based around the Transfiguration narrative in Mark 9):

Call to Worship: 1 Kings 19.9b-18

Hymns: “All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name,” and “I Stand Amazed”

Reading: Psalm 27.5-11 (versification according to the BCP Psalter) not done responsively this Sunday

Prayer: (I withstood the temptation to insert the Collect for this Sunday here)

Hymn: “O Thou Fount of Every Blessing”


Hymn: “Dear Lord and Father of Mankind”

Reading: Mark 9.2-9


Invitation Hymn: “There Is a Fountain”

Reading: 2 Peter 1.16-19

Communion Hymn: “Hallelujah! What A Savior!”


Closing Hymn: “Let the Beauty of Jesus Be Seen”


We tried to call attention to the main point (i.e. transfiguration) of the readings at the outset. Being able to use to the Collect for this Sunday would have helped to do that also — but I didn’t want to push that at this point. The real challenge, as mentioned in the last post, was picking songs from Songs of the Church that would complement the theme. As you can see, the results were mixed.

Comments/criticisms greatly appreciated.


3 responses to “this week (part 2)

  1. I would look into the possibility of turning the “invitation” into a sort of pentitentional(sp?) time.

    Also you might want to move the epistle reading to before the sermon.

    I published a worship order on the Grace Centered magazine about a year ago. Its somewhat similar to what you posted here.

  2. OK, here is what I posted at GCM:

    I. Worship Beginning – “they must worhsip in spirit and truth”
    A. Opening Hymn – used to mark the beginning of corporate worship
    B. Opening Prayer – should focus on asking God to find our worship acceptable
    C. Old Testament Reading – focus on “Messianic” passages
    D. Song of Praise to God for His love for us

    II. Preparation for Communion – “by His stripes they will be healed”
    A. Public Confession of Sins
    B. Public Request for Healing
    C. Prayer for Forgivness and Healing
    D. Reading from a Gospel related to Christ’s Sacrifice
    E. Hymn related to Christ’s Sacrifice

    III. Communion – “this is My body… this is My blood”
    A. Blessing of Bread and Fruit of the Vine
    B. Distribution of the Communion Elements
    C. Song of Thanksgiving for God’s Mercy and Forgiveness
    D. Prayer of Thankgiving for God’s Mercy and Forgiveness

    IV. Reading and Exhortation – “the word of the Lord is good”
    A. Lengthy Reading from Selected Bible Passage
    B. Spoken or Sung “Amen” from Congregation
    C. Exhortation from Reading

    V. Closing
    A. Prayer to God to be with us the up coming week.

  3. Looking at it now I would move the “Reading and Exhortation” to before the “Preparation for Commmunion”. Mainly becuase the Liturgy of the Word has preceded the Liturgy of the Eucharist since time immemorial. Also I think an exhortation would properly lead people to the confession of sins.

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