We’re off from school for a week!

Hannah and I watched “The Eyes of Tammy Faye” last night.  Interesting stuff.  It chronicles, in a somewhat humorous and somewhat dark fashion, the rise and fall of Jim Bakker and his PTL Ministries corporation — through the heavily mascara-ed eyes of his then-wife, Tammy Faye.  It was good in the sense that Tammy Faye and her husband are presented not as villains and not as saints, but as the flawed human beings that we all are.  Under the strain of enormous power and money, they succumbed to the same temptations that many, if not most, others in that situation would.  In the end, even though I strongly disagree with the PTL brand of theology and approach to ministry, I still left the film with respect for their struggles as human beings.

Anyway, we’re off to Athens this weekend — twice.

More blogging from vacation beginning Sunday.


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