Lots to discuss, not much time to discuss it:

I and some others from my congo here in Newnan are meeting tomorrow night with some people from another CofC in town. It’s funny: they called us up a couple of weeks ago to seeking “a merger.” So we begin by getting to know each other, feeling each other out, so to speak.

Had a rousing discussion in our Wednesday night Philippians class. We’re in chapter 3. I supplemented my discussion by reading Greg Kendall-Ball’s “Letter to Jesus.” How does one read Philippians and manage to miss Paul’s politics (or, rather, alternative politics)?


5 responses to “varia

  1. How was the letter received? I’m hoping it came across better than it did on my blog!

  2. It was so-so. I ticked off some people and got others asking questions, which pretty much fits with my teaching philosophy, anyway: if I didn’t offend you, you probably didn’t learn anything.

    Several people did ask for copies of the letter, though. I expect that the discussion will continue.

  3. On this issue of ‘church merger’, I generally support it if it’s possible to do. Generally speaking there are too many congregations often with too few people to be effective primarily because someone or a group of someones wanted their own church. Many times you’ll have two or three congregations in a town without enough children for a decent Bible class program or enough money to support a located evangelist, so you have churches without consistent pulpit teaching or two or three preachers getting outside support. Combining them might also open the door for an actual eldership, something few congregations give serious thought to. I pray all goes well with it.

  4. Alan,

    You bring up some good points, particularly with regard to the eldership. We’ve had some more developments over the past few weeks. I’ve been going to the other congo’s mens’ Bible studies and we’ve been working on our end with some hermeneutical/pride issues. Keep us in your prayers.

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