a post-Christmas update

Well, I’m back on the job. I have a large calendar on which I’m going start x-ing off the days until school is out at the end of May.

On a much brighter note, I’m going to submit the final parts of my thesis (intro and conclusion) this weekend. I expect to defend toward the end of the month.

Ph.D. apps are coming due this month as well. They are something of a logistical headache, but hopefully in about two months I’ll have a guarantee in hand that I will never have to teach middle school again!

Part four of the Blackford review is in draft form at the moment. If I’m lucky, it may be up at the beginning of next week.

A joyous Epiphany to you all!


3 responses to “a post-Christmas update

  1. I am a middle school student and while I do not attend your school, I find it very offensive that you think so lowly of your students.

  2. Waaaah, Kelli. I am a good friend of the author, and I can assure you he is a dedicated, principled teacher, who was merely venting the frustrations he feels in his job (as you might and probably do with your school work).

  3. Hello. I really enjoy reading your website. You really should post more. I would like to hear more about your job, students and friends.

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