Well, Hannah and I arrived back in Newnan on Saturday. We had a pleasant Thanksgiving in Alabama with her family.

I can’t remember whether I mentioned it here, but we’ve begun using the Book of Common Prayer in our daily devotions. I’ve been greatly helped by it, namely by the consistency and structure that it provides. I also really appreciate set prayers. The tradition in which I grew up always told me to pray, but was forever hazy on the specifics. As I grew older, I came into contact with evangelical-style prayer, but it never felt very honest (maybe it was the excessive use of the word ‘just’) or natural. So prayer has always been hard for me. But as I’ve used the BCP over the past couple of months, and read some other works on prayer in the Anglican tradition, I’ve really come to appreciate structured prayer and the balanced diet of prayer that the BCP provides.

All that to say that we’ve decided to observe Advent and Christmas in our house. This is just part of what promises to be a very different holiday season. My grandmother called me up a few weeks ago to announce that none of us (my family, that is) are going to be giving gifts. Instead, we’re donating to charity. Apparently, all of this was my aunt’s idea — the very aunt who year after year is the Christmas queen.

So, we made an Advent wreath this weekend and had a little candle-lighting in our apartment last night.

I’ll keep you all posted on how it goes these next few weeks.


2 responses to “Advent

  1. Chris,

    I hope you have success. I tried following the Advent season with lighting the candles, reading Scriptures and praying and all, but wasn’t very consistant. I’m about the worse spiritual leader. I fail my family so much in that regards.

    For a few weeks we did the Liturgy of the Hours – Evening Prayer. My wife thinks it too Catholic.

    The biggest problem I face in this is lack of organization and being a procrastinator.


  2. oh ya, if i had more structure i would do the same…
    i love the BCP


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