a review (part 2)

“Probably no religious subject has been surrounded by more areas of controversy both in and out of the church than the Lord’s supper. This book attempts to deal with most of those. However, due to those controversies the most important thing is often pushed to the background — why we have the Supper and what it means.”

With these words, Bro. Blackford opens The Lord’s Supper. At the outset, he lists three purposes for his work:

First, to make the Lord’s supper more meaningful to the Christian. The author feels that this has been a neglected area of study. In a time when the church is criticized because worship services are cold and meaningless, we must not ignore the criticism…

Second, as an appeal for unity. This material is being prepared at a time in history when there are “wars and rumors of wars,” tragically, among brethren…

Third, to deal with questions and controversies over the Lord’s supper…” (pg. 5)

I’ll take these goals in order over the next few posts.


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